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Larry Sprinkle Helps Find Homes for Rescues

 Our friend, Larry Sprinkle from WCNC-TV visited the sanctuary in February 2013 to help promote the horses and help find them homes.  Click on the photo to learn more about horse placement at HPS.

HPS Featured On
North Carolina Now
NC public television visited the sanctuary and featured the Horse Protection Society on North Carolina Now.  HPS members discuss efforts to retrain & condition rehabilitated horses in order to prepare them for new homes.

Click here to see the video.

'Carolina Traveler' Feature

In this story, Carolina Traveler visited the sanctuary and met with HPS members as they arrived early in the morning to feed and care for the herd of rescued horses.  Horses are fed twice daily, receive daily medical treatment and hoof care as needed, and are checked for any problems.  NC was experiencing one of its worst droughts in history when Mike from Carolina Traveler visited, and he spoke to Joanie about the hay shortage and other problems faced by rescues.

Click here to see the program.

 Take a look at Kathy's Training Journal!  Click Here.

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