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"Heaven is the wind that blows between a horse's ears."  Arab Proverb

After visiting the sanctuary, many people decide to join the Horse Protection Society in its mission to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned, sick, and neglected horses.  You may decide to join also.

As a Member of HPS, you are welcome to visit the sanctuary anytime during daylight hours regardless of how much knowledge you may or may not have about horses.  Our slogan is "Hearts, Hands, Helping Horses" and many hearts and hands are needed to accomplish our mission. 

In addition to being able to visit more often, you will also receive a monthly newsletter of happenings at the sanctuary.  If you wish, we will also add your name to our email list and notify you of projects underway at the ranch and may ask if it is okay to contact you when we need help.

To become a Member fill out the Membership Form by clicking on the link below.  Indicate on your Membership how you would like to participate by checking the corresponding box.  Submit you application with your membership fee:
         $35  Individual Membership
     $50 Family Membership

Click here for Membership Form

Horse Protection Society of NC
2135 Miller Rd, China Grove, NC  28023  
 (704) 855-2978
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