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CLICK HERE to download the 'Application for Placement of Equine'.

"...and people may talk as much as they like about their religion, but if it does not teach them to be good and kind to man and beast it is all a sham..." 
By Anna Sewell Black Beauty

“Saddle Pals  have returned to health and are ready for new loving  homes. Some of the horses are trained English and some western. Most of the time, HPS has horses that would be suitable for a child's first horse.  No horse can teach a child to ride and it is important to have an adult who can work with the child or that the child takes riding lessons.

The horses have spent their time lounging in the fields during recovery and will need reconditioning for muscle building.  We seldom have a horse that will safely be able to carry a rider weighing over 165 pounds.  Each generation people are getting larger…… but horses are not.
To be able to figure the right size horse for you click below and read: 

What Size Horse Is Right For You?

                                                   Pasture Pals

The "Pasture Pals" have returned to health but have issues that preclude them from ever being ridden again.  The  horses are wonderful for a companion to another equine or for folks who just want horses to love and to be loved back.

                                               Equines in Recovery

"Equines in Recovery" are horses that may be able to be ridden once they have gained their full weight.  Some may be "Pasture Pals" and we usually know what they will be able to do when fully recovered.  An application can be placed for one of these horses before they are fully recovered, with permission of HPS.  They will remain at the sanctuary until better.  Normally a horse will need two to three months of field rest after they have gained all their weight back before they can be put back under saddle.

                                             Permanent Residents

"Permanent Residents" are horses that have health issues that will need long term treatment, have reached the age of 30 years old or are not suitable for placement.  They love attention and enjoy brushing by their Angel Sponsors.  Please come meet these wonderful horses. 

Please consider becoming an Angel Sponsor for one of the many horses at the sanctuary ($20 per month or more).  As an Angel Sponsor, you are welcome to come and spend time with your horse on any Saturday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The average cost for HPS to take care of a horse is over $250 per month.  The Angel Sponsors aid HPS to provide care to the horses.

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