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"If the horse does not enjoy the work, his rider will have no joy."  By H.H. Isenbart

Keeping the horse's environment clean and safe is an integral part of horse care.  Many people do not enjoy the job of mucking stalls, however, it is just as important as keeping the horse himself clean.
Before beginning to work with our horse, be sure to muck his stall.  If someone has already cleaned his stall, please select another horse's stall, and clean it.  Please allow time in your day to do this, for this is an absolute requirement!
When mucking stalls, please use a manure rake or flat shovel to pick up manure. After the manure has been removed, sweep out the stall with a broom to ensure the removal of any small peices of manure left behind or leftover feed. Place the manure in a wheelbarrow, and dump it on the manure pile.  All manure is to be dumped here and nowhere else.
After cleaning the stall, wash the feed bucket.  A clean feed bucket is also vital to a horse's health.
If you have been working with a horse in the Indoor Training arena and he has defecated, please be sure to clean that up as well. 

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