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HPS works hard to secure as many of our need at discounted prices as possible.   The horses are on very specialized diets and can only have their normal feed.   Please do not bring any type of feed or treats to the sanctuary.

The following are items that would be greatly appreciated:


  • Plastic Scoop Shovels


  • Wheelbarrows


  • Utility Carts


  • Rubberized Ground Feeders (Feed bowls)


  • Aloe Vera Juice (1 gal. containers found at WalMart)


  • Stall Two-Way Clips


  • Drill Bits (wood and metal)


  • Electric Fence Handles


  • Heavy Metal T-Posts


  • Weed Eater


  • Ivermectin Dewormer


  • Panacur Powerpak Dewormer 


  • Corona Salve


  • Ichthammol


  • Vet Wrap


  • Ice Pack Wraps for icing tendons 


  • Floating Water Tub Heaters


  • DMSO Liquid, no roll on


  • Alum (from the drug store)


  • Lard in one pound squares


  • Wheat Bran


  • Fly masks


  • Red Cell Liquid


  • Salt blocks (white)


  • Mineral Blocks


  • Push Brooms


  • Floor Squeegee

 We also have an Amazon Wish List. Click this link:




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