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Feeding a Horse Treats

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Midnight Sun

"When God created the horse he said to the magnificent creature:  I have made thee as no other.  All the treasures of the earth shall lie between thy eyes."  The Qu'ran

Please ASK AN OFFICER  before giving treats to horses.  Many of the horses have medical conditions that prohibit them from having treats, fruit, grains, or certain vegetables.

Giving treats is generally not allowed for several reasons.  Many horses at the sanctuary are on restrictive diets and cannot have "treats" for medical reasons.  Horses also become accustomed to receiving treats and become "nippy" sometimes biting visitors and other volunteers. 

Treats are to be given to a horse when and only when he is ready to be returned to the field.  Please do so when he is by himself and not in close proximity ot other horses.  Do not go out into the fields with a handful, armful, or bucketful of food, thinking the horses on the other side of the field won't notice.  Before you realize it, you will be in the midst of a number of horses in stiff competition.

Do not ever feed a horse food that is slimy or moldy!  Mold is toxic to horses.  If you find moldy food, throw it in a receptacle not accessible to horses.  If there is a large amount of spoiled food to be disposed of, please bury it in the large manure pile or burn the spoiled feed.

Under no circumstances are the horses to be fed sugar cubes, peppermints, or any similar treats.  These are not "average"  horses; many have digestive problems or ailments which can be aggravated by the ingestion of these items.

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