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Indigo & Starburst

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My days with HPS began withthe Carol Lewis Saddlebred neglect case about 10 years ago.  The horses were located close towhere I live and I thought the least I could do is help feed.  Well, many, many feeds later I'm happy to report that not only have I made many griends both two legged and four legged over the years but I also have tow wonderful HPS horses, Starburst and Indigo.  Starburst is a 10-year-old liver chestnut Quarter Horse mare and Indigo is a 15-year-old black Appendix Quarter Horse mare.  Each came at different times.

I've had Starburst for about 7 years.  She came to the ranch as a three year old and small for her age due to starvation.  Her halter appeared to have been put on at a very early age and then was never adjusted for her growth resulting in a dent in the bridge of her nose.  The dent is no longer visible but she has stayed a smallish horse...just reaching 14 hands.

Then, as it is today, one of HPS's goals is to find homes for the horses.  I was assigned to Star with the purpose of working with her and hopefully make it easier to place her.  I was allowed to take her home so that I could work with her on a regular basis......and she's been here ever since! 

Out of my little herd of four horses, she is the smartest and the most responsive (sorry Indigo, you make up for it in cuteness).  She is also the boss!  It is hilarious to watch my other 15 plus hand guys tip toe around her...and move it!...if she gives them even and evil ear nod.  She does not like vet visits not even for routine care.  The farrier on the other hand she doesn't seem to mind at all...stands like a pro.  I still consider her a green horse.  I don't ge thte chance to ride her as often as she deserves, but I do work onlittle things with trailering.  Recently I loaded her up and took her to the grain store with me, just forthe experience and she did great!  So, who knows what adventure my little chocolate brown horse has in store for me!


Indigo was a Joanie matchmaker special!  I had lost my trail horse, Lilly, to founder in May 2003, retired my 30+-year-old-Quarter Horse, Rusty, from any heavy riding and Star was not ready for riding yet.  Riding was very limited.  Joanie told me to be patient,   Well, fast forward to over a year later, August 2004, I went out to the ranch to do the evening feed and Joanie met me when I pulled in..."Come meet the horse that came in"  She says nonchallantly.  And when she brought me over tot he halfway house...I think she said something like "I thought you might like this horse."  Who wouldn't?  It was the black stallion horse in mare version!  Black with a white stripe from her forehead to her nose and big, 16 hands,...she was (and is) beautiful!  And guess is that somewhere in her past she had been someone's favorite.  She did not mind our company at all.

Ahh..."yes" I think I might like this horse.

Before Joanie had even introduced me to Indigo she was working on a problem the vet found...a tumor on her ovary.  the only solution was to send to to the NC State Vet Clinic to surgically remove the tumor.  So my Indigo life began with trailering two and a half hours to Raleigh one September morning.  That was my first experience with taking any animal to State...wasn't sure what to expect.

The good news is that it was a positive experience and all went well with the surgery.  After three days at State's clinic and about six weeks of recovery back at the ranch, Joanie released her and I was finally able to finalize the paperwork to take her home.  That was in November of 2005.

Over the past four years, I've enjoyed many trail rides with her including one at Myrtle Beach!  Just a side note...she does not care for waves! 

On a typical trail ride she likes to have her buddy's on the trail with her.  Rarely does she like to cross a creek first but will gladly follow.  I have enough confidence to put novice riders on her and she gives them a good ride...sometimes taking advantage by grabbing tall grass along the path.  For he rsize you would be amazed at how slow she can walk!  She's not a speed demon and she's usually surprised when I ask her to trot.  At home, around the barn, she is in the number 2 position behind Starburst.  She gets to boss Lou and Fancy around.  She likes to have her head rubbed and is not afraid to initiate a rub on your shoulder or a tree trunk which ever is most handy.  She is the only one of my horses that really enjoyes getting sprayed with water on hot summer days.  On fall days, the cool nights cause her to have a nice little fluffiness to her...and my favorite feature...she has the softest nose!

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