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Jasmine & Silver Cloud

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Last September over Labor Day weekend 2008, we lost our mare, Starr, to a terrible accident.  We didn't know if we wanted to get another horse right away but our older mare, Molly, was very lonesome.  So one day I went on the internet to find rescued horses and found Joanie and her crew at the Horse Protection Society of NC.  We called and decided to take a trip from Zebulon, NC to China Grove and look at the horses in early October of '08.

Well to make a long story short, we found Silver Cloud and fell in love.  He was what we were looking for.  What a character he was and still is!  Our daughter-in-law had come with us and found Jasmine.

We visited a couple of more times and on November 22, 2008 both Silver Cloud and Jasmine came home with us.  Jasmine and our old girl, Molly, took to each other like they had always been together.  They were as thick as theives.    Silver Cloud, being the gelding, acted as their protector like a main stallion.

Jasmine and Bellyboy, as we have nicknamed Silver Cloud, are great under saddle and love going on trails.  Everyone of our neighbors cannot believe we got such great horses by "adoption".

As you can see, Silver Cloud and Jasmine really seem to love their new homes.



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