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"Somewhere in time's own space
There must be a sweet pasture place
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some paradise where horses go,
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again."
by Stanley Harrison
This page is dedicated to horses who have once again found loving homes. 


 Waco was placed in June 2015.
19-year-old Quarter Horse gelding.  13.3 hands.  Very pretty strawberry roan
with silver mane and tail.
Rescued October 22, 2011.

Click on the photo to learn more about Waco.

Sahara,  23-year-old Arabian mare.  Weak tendons & joints.  Excellent ground manners. 
Click on the photo to learn more about Sahara.

Diego- 25-year-old Arabian gelding. 14.2 hands. English-trained.  Quiet, sweet personality.  Former endurance horse. 
Placed December 2014

River, 18-year-old American Saddlebred gelding 
Arrived May 2, 2013.  

Placed December 2014


Stetson at his new home, December 2014. 

Stetson is a Thoroughbred that came to us in May 2014 with EPM. Read more about Stetson in the June edition of Over Herd.


Beau with is new best friend in his new home. 

Daisy, aka "Moncha" is also part of the family 


Daisy aka "Moncha".    Appaloosa mare.  Previously abandoned and neglected.  Now in a loving home with her miniature horse friends.

Fire Dancer, Paint mare.  Foundered.  Click on the photo to learn about Fire Dancer and her new life!

Indigo, Appendix Quarter Horse mare. 


Serenity, American Saddlebred mare.
Starved and severely abused.
Learn more about Serenity by clicking her photo.


Senecca, Tennesse Walking Horse gelding.  Abused. Torn muscle & lacerated tongue.  Now a pasture mate.


Silver Cloud,  American Saddlebred cross. 

Click on the photo to learn about Silver Cloud.


Jasmine, American Saddlebred mare.

Click on the photo to learn about Jasmine.


Starburst,  7-year-old Quarter Horse mare.  Previously starved.  Click on the photo to learn more about Starburst's new life!

Cayenne,  11-year-old Quarter Horse type mare.  Rescued August 14, 2013.  Starved. Pregnant.

Click on the photo to learn more about Cayenne.
Cayenne has found a loving new home in which to have her foal.  All the best to our future momma.

Midnight Sun, 20-year-old Saddlebred/Thoroughbred cross.
14.3 hands.  Excellent health. 
Click on the photo to learn more about Midnight Sun.

Miakoda, 11-year-old mare.  Starved.
Rescued August 14, 2013. 

Click on the photo to learn more about Miakoda.

Miakoda has a new loving home and has joined Midnight. 
The two horses are enjoying each others company.

Santa Fe,  20-year-old Quarter Horse gelding   Blind in one eye.  Injured rear leg. 

Click on the photo to learn more about Santa Fe.

Santa Fe has a wonderful new home after more than eight years at the sanctuary! 


Dallas - 11 year old Quarter Horse cross happy in his new home with his Cleveland Bay buddy, Fergus.  He is thriving and loving life!  We miss you, Dallas but know you are on a great new journey!    To read about how Dallas came to HPS, click on the photo. 
Placed April of 2016  

Mingo, October 26, 2013

Mingo,   25 year old American Saddlebred gelding.
Starved.  Mingo has Recurring Airway obstruction (RAO).

Rescued August 8, 2012

Click on the photo to learn more about Mingo.

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