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"...we call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words."
By Anna Sewell, Black Beauty

It is the mission of the Horse Protection Society of North Carolina Inc. to make the world a better place for horses through education, rescue, and rehabilitation.  HPS provides a sanctuary of last resort for neglected and abused equines.

Founded in 1991 by Joan B. Benson and incorporated in 1999, HPS continues to reach out and to grow.  HPS is a fully incorporated 501(c)3, approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit organization.

The Horse Protection Society maintains the first equine sanctuary in North Carolina to provide permanent retirement care for neglected equines.  Until 2008, the sanctuary was available to equines whose owners could no longer afford their care.  The downturn in the economy made it necessary to change our policies to accept only starved and/or abused equines.  The sanctuary has housed as many as 51 horses at one time.  The need is so great that plans have to be made to find a larger facility and funds raised for its purchase.

HPS has trained investigators who perform abuse and neglect investigations with the goal of educating the owners in proper care of their horses.  We prosecute abuse cases only when absolutely necessary.  When the owners are not interested in the humane care of their horse, we offer to take the horse for rehabilitation.





Horse Protection Society
2135 Miller Road, China Grove NC 28023
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